Angkor Wat remains so symbolic of the splendour of the Khmer Empire that other monuments scattered across Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are often overlooked. However, a royal road runs from Phimai in Isan to Angkor, linking the two sites, passing through Phanom Rung and Muang Tam.
In april, the magazine Condé Nast Traveller US, specializing in luxury travel, published a list of the 75 best new hotels in the world. Twelve of them are located in Asia, and the only Thai entry on the list is in Chiang Mai, called Villa Mahabhirom.
Myanmar is definitely one of the most mysterious and spellbinding countries in South-East Asia, and is opening up more and more to foreign visitors. Away from any shadow of influence from the outside world, the nation is home to some treasures of inestimable value. From Pagan’s thousand-year-old pagodas at the...
The absolute tranquility of the soul – this is what Aix harbors when the crowds of tourists from the mainland, returning from their trips, finally leave this haven at peace.
Latitudes was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to attend the official launch of the blogging campaign for 2017, which aims to increase the country’s attractiveness to tourists from all over the world.
As the oldest spa resort in the kingdom and a favorite destination of the royal family, Hua Hin offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere at less than 200 kilometers from the capital. The town is constantly changing and its charm for artists, tourists and locals alike is growing ever stronger.