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Wonderfruit, we are family!

A true open-air laboratory, Wonderfruit is not only an eco-chic music festival considering itself as a social movement and focusing on sustainability, it is also a family-friendly event o ering slots to DJs families like French crew La Mamie’s and programming the 8-year-old Djane Little Ale together with her father:…

Wonderfruit : La Mamie’s delicious recipes

A collective of djs and event organisers founded with the aim of promoting the spirit of “free and uninhibited partying”, La Mamie’s has symbolised the revival of the Parisian night for a decade with a recipe of their own: vinyl grooves and a large dose of a good ambience, all…

Great Catch at Mustache

Former manager at mythical Q-Bar, long-time mover in the bangkokian nightlife and reknown event organizer, Belgian Olivier Alexandre created Mustache in February 2015. Trendy afterhours at the start,the place has become a reference for house and techno music lovers.

Wonderfruit Festival : Fun & Meaningful

“Wonderfruit is not just a music festival. It is a social movement,” proudly state its organizers. A true open-air laboratory, this eco-chic music festival tries to develop a positive influence by offering programming that’s both sharp and anti-commercial, while focusing on sustainability.