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Charoen Krung, a River of Creation

The Bangkok Art Biennale will invite itself in several locations along the Chao Phraya, historic and religious monuments associated with the birth of the capital city. Far from a static area, historic neighborhood is now one of the city’s trendiest and most creative ones.

Street Urban Culture Highlight

As part of the Bangkok Biennale Art, the Franco-German Cultural Fund goes down the street with a street art project that brings together artists from Thailand, France and Germany.

Daan Botlek, Uplifting

Daan Botlek is a black sheep in the field of art. Even though the Dutch creator is famous for his wide and impressively achieved wall paintings, it wouldn’t do justice to label him as a street artist as his body of works is diverse, complex and becomes meaningful only when…

Artist Interview :
Alex Face

Chosen along with Cart’1 among the first to be invited to the Tao Festival in order to create the visual setting for the festivities, the Thai graffiti artist Patcharapol Tangruen – alias Alex Face – has by now become famous throughout the world for his Mardi character.

scratching the surface

Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto has been interacting visually with the urban environment under the name of Vhils since his days as a prolific graffiti writer in the early 2000s. Now Thailand has its Vhils: an impressive fresco on the wall of Bangkok’s Portuguese Embassy he recently realized.