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The Cambodia International Film Festival

Organized since 2010 by the Cambodia Film Commission (CFC) and the Bophana Center, the Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF) is the largest film event in the Kingdom.

Nordic film festival in Bangkok

From September 28th to September 30th, the second edition of the Nordic Film Festival will take place. The Embassies of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland will present two movies from each of the four countries.

Insider chat with… Neary Adeline Hay

The young French-Khmer movie director explores silence and need for remembering with Angkar, her film (premiered in Cambodia in March) about her father’s return to the place of his sufferings long after the Khmer Rouge trauma. Excerpts from her conversation with Latitudes.

Chris Lowenstein: From Hollywood to Thailand

Chris Lowenstein left Hollywood Studios more than 20 years ago to settle in Chiang Mai. At the head of the production company Living Films, this idealist dreams to shoot there as many films as possible. Between two projects, we met the producer for a behind-the-scenes dive in the film industry…