Tag : History

Charoen Krung, a River of Creation

The Bangkok Art Biennale will invite itself in several locations along the Chao Phraya, historic and religious monuments associated with the birth of the capital city. Far from a static area, historic neighborhood is now one of the city’s trendiest and most creative ones.

Phnom Penh Heritage Tour

A very interesting mix of modernity and old-school, Phnom Penh Heritage Tour takes you on a trip to discover the “Pearl of Asia” in a traditional tuk-tuk, but equipped with a tablet on which you have videos describing the 20+ interesting places featured.

Place de la Poste: dare for the square

Phnom Penh Post Office Square has been both emblematic and neglected during decades. Within the rather hectic development of Cambodia´s capital city, this deliciously quaint area is now striving to find its own identity and character.

A day in Old Phuket Town

The province of Phuket is well-known for its parties and gorgeous white-sand beaches, but its capital city, which contains a fabulous historical neighborhood, remains overlooked by visitors.