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Nino Returns

Her experiential installation at Wat Prayoon in the frame of the Bangkok Art Biennale was undoubtedly one of its highlights. Now Nino Sarabutra has paired up with fellow ceramic craftsman Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch to create an exciting take on traditional techniques combined with a modern touch.

Matthew Campbell Laurenza : Flight of Freedom

Infused with inspiration from countries worldwide and digging deep in his background in sculpture, jewelry and architecture, American designer Matthew Campbell Laurenza blends experiences and cultures to produce unique and distinctive jewelry designs.

Bangkok Art Biennale : Beyond Bliss

By hosting the first edition of the Bangkok Art Biennale, the Thai capital is placing itself as a top artistic destination on the Asian and international scene.

The man behind Soul Bar and FooJohn building

Charoen Khrung is now the stronghold of the former Creative Director of Bed Supperclub, Romain Dupuy. Starting with Amin, the club’s first DJ and owner of Jazzbah Records with a bench of other music enthousiasts, he created the Soul Bar, and more recently the FooJohn building.