Tag : Ecology

Apsara, Start Making Scents

Dedicated to the elaboration of fragrances and cosmetics the first Workshop-Boutique by Maison Apsara has just opened its doors in Phnom Penh, for natural beauty products amateurs (oil, creams, balms, fragrances).

Koh Phangan : Seed to Feed

As both a restaurant and an organic farm, Seed to Feed has its roots in a chance meeting between students at an agricultural school in Australia.

Sharks & Shame

As a reporter, cameraman, consultant specializing in sharks and co-author of the book/guide Sharks: “For Your Eyes Only” with his wife Monika, David Martin is part of the wonderful community of protectors of nature and whistleblowers who work tirelessly to raise people’s awareness on the necessity of protecting our ecological…

Food Waste, with Winnow, We Know

Innovative partnership with awarded tech company Winnow is transforming Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach kitchen as the entire hospitality sector. The hotel is now saving an estimated 21,000 meals annually which represents one repast for one third of Phuket Town’s population.

Bangkok River
Clean up the city!

Thailand faces a huge problem with waste. The metropolitan rubbish dump is struggling to cope with the volume of waste created by the city.