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Charoen Krung, a River of Creation

The Bangkok Art Biennale will invite itself in several locations along the Chao Phraya, historic and religious monuments associated with the birth of the capital city. Far from a static area, historic neighborhood is now one of the city’s trendiest and most creative ones.

Kudee Jeen, A Window on the Past

The Portuguese district of Bangkok is one of the most distinctive areas of the Thai capital, offering strollers a glimpse in the Bangkok of times gone by. 

Bangkok River
Clean up the city!

Thailand faces a huge problem with waste. The metropolitan rubbish dump is struggling to cope with the volume of waste created by the city.

Bangkok River Afloat

Art exhibitions and theatrical performances, concerts and festivals, craft markets and literary talks are significant drivers of any capital’s cultural scene, and by extension the locals’ quality of life and the tourism industry. In that mix, music and urban graphic performance especially hold
 a certain positive power in the reputation…