Among the winning ideas of the 2016 “Future of Hospitality Contest” organized by famous Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne, “The Transforming Bedroom” envisions the future accommodation as entirely modular.
In Thailand, speaking French, English and/or Thai is a part of everyday life for many foreigners and locals. Whether they are in mixed couples or are living abroad for a few years, the question of education arises depending on the language. Which language should be spoken at home? At school? When should learning begin?
The sustainable future promised by the Thai government seems to seduce the business world and the economic outlook for 2017 calls for certain optimism. French companies that are already present in many fields clearly seem to have a pull out of the renewed game that leads to Thailand 4.0.
Considered as the equivalent of Formula 1 racing in aviation, the Air Race 1 has just taken its first Asian flight by holding an inaugural event at the U-Tapao International Airport near Pattaya in November 2016.
For more than a year, warm diplomatic couple Gilles & Isabelle Garachon have represented France in Thailand, making good use of their remarkable people skills. Latitudes talks to this hyperactive ‘ambassadress’ about her daily life…
Oud is the most expensive plant essential oil in the world. The heady, oriental, woody and spicy fragrance is highly prized by western perfumers such as Armani, Caron, Dior or Yves St Laurent, all gone wild about this mysterious ingredient, which still stays very little known in Europe, and that they come to get in Thailand and Malaysia.