With 4,000 hotels, 300,000 employees and 110 million customers, the French hotel group Accor is number one worldwide. Since 1992, Accor’s Southeast & Northeast Asia COO Patrick Basset has spent 20 of the last 25 years in Thailand.
The French Embassy, the French Foreign Trade Advisers, Business France, the French Chamber of Commerce, French Tech… The French team displays an impressive dynamism about increasing Franco-Thai economic relations and mobilises to make the hexagon’s voice heard in the Thailand of tomorrow.
With its slogan “Education changes the world” and a new desire to spark passions in its students, the new French and international school in Phuket sets itself the aim of becoming the leading international school on the island.
Selling 150 dollar shampoos in Thailand: Bryant Olson took on the challenge in 2010, when accepting ownership of the famous Philip B brand in the kingdom. Many people told him it was impossible. He proved otherwise. For Bryant, the Thai luxury market is booming and there is obviously a clientele...
In Thailand, producing and selling your own beer is illegal. Yet, for some years now freedom-loving craftsmen brewers play with the law in order to o er an ever-increasing choice of artisanal beers, sold under the cloak or elaborated abroad.
Obédience maçonnique “libérale” pratiquant l’ouverture avec le monde profane, le Grand Orient est présent en Thaïlande à travers le Grand Orient d’Asie du Sud Est. Il vient vendredi à la rencontre de la communauté bangkokienne.  
His stark, minimalist designs have won considerable acclaim and his fusion of art and creativity departs from the Thai tradition. Duangrit Bunnag, sometimes considered as Thailand’s “hottest architect,” is a multi-talented man who likes chaos and straight talking.