Thailand holds a world record for traffic accidents, and it’s growing every year. Phuket welcomes an increasing number of tourists that aren’t always aware of traffic laws, and 5,882 accidents were recorded there in 2017, 265 being fatal, compared with 5,754 in 2016, 143 of which were deadly.
Elected as representative of the 11th overseas constituency for French expatriates in June 2017, Anne Genetet aims to give sense to their presence abroad and to bring them closer to the national community.
Promoting businesses’ commitments in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility are the goals of the second Sustainability for Business Forum, taking place on May 24, 2018, in Bangkok.
Berda Claude International School (BCIS) was founded with one core philosophy: Education Changes the World. This simple and powerful tenet ensures a focus on providing a comprehensive academic and extracurricular experience to students. Berda Claude International School is proud to bring to Phuket its first optical and digital Planetarium and...
The young French-Khmer movie director explores silence and need for remembering with Angkar, her film (premiered in Cambodia in March) about her father’s return to the place of his sufferings long after the Khmer Rouge trauma. Excerpts from her conversation with Latitudes.
Just released in january, this must-have guide in english provides you with the vital information you need to prevent or better handle medical issues that may specifically occur in the Asian tropics, whether you are a local resident, an expatriate or international traveler. 
Let’s talk about the process of buying a property in Phuket when residing abroad. To begin with, I’ll never recommend a first-time buyer to purchase a property in Phuket without inspecting it himself. 
A French notary based in Bangkok for three years, Anne-Lise Leo Regnier works for the international law firm Vovan & Associes who assist individuals, companies and investors in Thailand in four areas: legal services, patent law, debt collection and notarial deeds.