Leading design and lifestyle brand at the forefront of style, design and luxury-lifestyle industry in Thailand for over two decades, DM HOME is rejuvenating. DM HOME Thonglor Building 2 has just opened to grant visitors with the experience of an ever more modern approach to the finest, in every sense.
Whether as a food travel guide or as travel food guide, Food Trotter uses gastronomy to explore all facets of Thailand and its culture. This is a book that will delight everyone who is hungry for insights!
Central Floresta opened its doors on September 10th in front of thousands of awed visitors who came to explore this new luxury shopping center, which already hosts some very nice shops and an impressive floor dedicated to gastronomy. We look forward to Christmas to discover the most prestigious brands’ shops...
Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Eric Raisina transports you instantly into his own universe, one now deeply rooted in both France and Cambodia, where he opened his original haute couture outlet close to Siem Reap’s royal residence in 2005.
Foosball, or table soccer, is often associated with hobbies and games, but companies are increasingly using it as a tool to strenghen the cohesiveness and efficiency of teams.
Recently, a specialist in Southeast Asia tourism (Parichat Haenen from Booking.com) listed for Latitudes an “incredible or instagrammable setting” as top second priority for nowadays travelers, right behind a comfortable mattress and before a spacious room.