To get the feeling of really dominating a city is a rare experience. Rosewood is well known for offering the utmost luxury to its guests, but in Phnom Penh it takes another dimension…
Artificial intelligence is a subject at once technological, philosophical and societal that is likely to upset our lives in the coming years. So, are you for or against it? Digital Lifestyle looks at technological innovations and their impact on our lifestyles, then asks you for your opinion.
In the wake of the kingdom’s gastronomic boom, for the past two years artisans have launched themselves into the production of 100% Made in Thailand chocolates and are gradually establishing their presence in the international market.
Having brought all the disparate previously competing parties together in a single Phuket boat show, the Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous offered an all-embracing event at the Royal Phuket Marina for yachting enthusiasts and wealthy lifestyle-seekers from around Asia.
A new column in Latitudes, Digital Lifestyle takes a look at technological innovations and their impact on our lives. Virtual reality, for example, has really taken off with a few applications showing decisive potential in the fields of education, real estate, travel, and health.
Dedicated to the elaboration of fragrances and cosmetics the first Workshop-Boutique by Maison Apsara has just opened its doors in Phnom Penh, for natural beauty products amateurs (oil, creams, balms, fragrances).
After several months of discussion, all major parties involved in recent marine and luxury goods exhibitions in the region are coming together at Royal Phuket Marina with a co-organized unique event: the Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous, from 10 to 13 January 2019.