BIRDS, des oiseaux de bon augure

BIRDS, des oiseaux de bon augure


Des oiseaux de bon augure

Yves Liger

6 Octobre 2017

Le concept BIRDS Rotisserie est né dans l’esprit de cinq copains français souhaitant partager avec les Thaïlandais, très friands de poulet, le plaisir qu’ils éprouvaient plus jeunes en ramenant à la maison une belle volaille rôtie, toute chaude, avec ses petites pommes de terre sautées bien juteuses au fond du sac.

Their initial intention of only providing take-away sales was overtaken by the evident need to open a simple, family-friendly, and casual restaurant, which would also allow meals on the spot. Therefore, BIRDS set up its nest at Soi Amon, a short flapping of wings from the famous Amantee bakery and very close to the French neighborhood of Bangkok.

Two chefs who are already famous among the capital’s food lovers, Jérémie Touret (formerly of El Mercado) and Julien Lavigne (Oskar), have devised a menu providing a wide range of tasty variations on the same theme: high-quality chicken. Liver mousse, pâté, pies, and burgers, accompanied by salads conceived in order to satisfy vegetarians, who will have a hard time resisting the quinoa tabbouleh, a successful innovation.

The main dish is subjected to special treatment: in order to accentuate the flavor of roast poultry, the giblets, livers, hearts and bones are reduced in a very thick and fragrant sauce. The meat undergoes three days of marinating in a secret mix of ten spices designed to prepare it perfectly before it goes into the rotisseries, to come out with perfectly engineered taste and texture.

BIRDS has discovered the source of its raw material: Laurent Opportune, a Frenchman living in Kao Yai who has developed Prosun Farm, an organic poultry farm. The chickens there are raised outdoor and only eat natural food (vegetables, locusts, etc.) for the 120 days that it takes them to grow. When their weight comes close to two kilos, their firm and tasty flesh provides amazing culinary opportunities.

The same concern for organic eggs and vegetables is evident, as well as for the potatoes, which are bought from small-scale producers in the North with great care for quality and environment. “Their flavor, which is rather close to what we can find in France, was something unexpected,” Julien Lavigne happily notes. Particular attention has been paid to the packaging materials necessary for take-away sales, some of which are bamboo-based, with biodegradability being the goal. As for the sauces, they are dispatched in glass bottles. “Our menu, which was originally conceived for delivery, is going to be adapted for the restaurant. BIRDS, which has no intention to limit itself to chicken, could soon be offering other inhabitants of backyard poultry farms, such as capon, fattened hen, duck, quail, or pigeon,” Julien concludes.

This deserves to be followed-up closely…

Birds Rotisserie
Soi Amon, Nang Linchi Rd., Chong
Nonsi, Yan Nawa, 10120 Bangkok
Open on evenings only, closed on Monday

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