While the steady increase of the number of foreign tourists has played a driving role in the country’s economic growth and now accounts for 10 to 15% of its GDP, the mass tourism model is questioned because of the significant damage it causes. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is developing...
Collecting rewards, repeatedly named Best Airline in Europe, Turkish Airlines imposes itself more and more as obvious choice, especially for flights between Bangkok and Europe. With a plus: a free stay in Istanbul.
China lies to the North, Thailand to the South, Myanmar to the West and Vietnam to the East, and in the middle flows a river, the Mekong, the real backbone of Laos. A trip to this country, whose reputation as a green paradise with
a nonchalant pace of life is well...
“Why would I want to spend three days in Phnom Penh?” some might say. But now’s a great time to open your eyes! The Cambodian capital is much more than a short stopover on the road to the temples of Angkor and greatly deserves spending at least 72 hours there.
With its Colonial architecture and numerous decorative details from the Angkorian period, Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra presents a beautiful blend of the French way of life and the refinement of Cambodian culture.
Elegant fusion of Khmer, colonial and Art deco architectural styles, The Royal Hotel was opened for the first time in 1929. Over the course of the 20th century, it has been the symbol of refinement in Cambodia, praised by many celebrities.
When it comes to entrusting our pets to others, health, hygiene, safety, well-being and the environment are all essential elements because leaving a third party with the responsibility of looking after one’s favorite dog or cat demands a colossal sacrifice and means one needs to feel particularly confident about it.