Hot off the success of the exhibition in Siam Paragon and the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), #DontTellMeHowToDress is taking on the capital city’s universities. A wonderful occasion to meet the one who started this campaign, Cindy Sirinya Bishop.
Eleven years after it was founded, the Southeast Asia volume published each year by the Research Institute on Contemporary Southeast Asia (IRASEC) has earned its stripes. Containing a collection of thematic articles on the region, it has become an essential reference work. Here’s why.
Founded in 2012 by Panya Sayavongsa, one of the instigators of the Joomla CMS interface and author of numerous books and articles on coding and web security, Pimclick is defined as one of the most creative agencies in Bangkok. Latitudes met Panya to talk about the latest trends in the...
When learning thai coming from a western language, one of the first difficulties are the tones. This new mobile app can help you to read the thai language correctly but most of all, it will help you pronounce everything correctly!
In a country where 60% are under age 30, education and professional training are key. We talked with the director of the Vocational Training Center at Happy Chandara School, helping Cambodian girls from humble families to become qualified hair stylists.
With an average growth of 7% per year, Cambodia is indisputably a land of opportunity for investors. Entrepreneurs must, however, bear local constraints in mind before commencing an activity in the kingdom.
In a market that is growing increasingly quickly, some 1,200 luxury fragrances are released every year, and those using Oud, which has an intense, smoky woody scent, have taken the lion’s share. More and more high-end products are indeed based on the precious oil, which is more precious than gold.
As a reporter, cameraman, consultant specializing in sharks and co-author of the book/guide Sharks: “For Your Eyes Only” with his wife Monika, David Martin is part of the wonderful community of protectors of nature and whistleblowers who work tirelessly to raise people’s awareness on the necessity of protecting our ecological...