Innovative partnership with awarded tech company Winnow is transforming Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach kitchen as the entire hospitality sector. The hotel is now saving an estimated 21,000 meals annually which represents one repast for one third of Phuket Town’s population.
International yachting giants are queuing to anchor at Asia’s leading superyacht event Kata Rocks Superyacht RendezVous. Infinite Luxury in collaboration with Kata Rocks is very proud to again host the KRSR from 8 to 10 December and bring back some of the world’s most iconic superyacht brands to Phuket. 
Alternative therapies have taken off in recent years. Traditional medicine is based on the principle that the body’s organs are governed by biochemical exchanges between cells, quantum medicine states that our bodies emit vibrational fields. Our organs are connected to each other by vibrations emitted by our cells that communicate...
With true passion for golf and a real sense of style, the dresses by Frankie Goes To Hollygolf fit women perfectly, combining fashion, elegance and the practical side of sports outfits.
In order to make the public aware of the dangers that sugar poses to our health, the Diabetes Association of Thailand commissioned Thai designer Nattakong Jaengsem in 2016 for a campaign that encourages people to reduce the amount of sugar they consume. You be the judge!
Eager to make Thailand the world’s top destination for medical tourism, private and hospital plastic surgery clinics are multiplying and often nd themselves full. While Westerners often wait until the e ects of time start to show on their face or gure, our Thai friends don’t hold back on procedures...