Ideally situated in Cherngtalay, Blue Tree offers an experience like no other. Spanning across 22 hectares of land, this eco-friendly versatile entertainment facility provides guests with a range of activities to suit every need from the spectacular 17,000sqm Crystal lagoon with its range of water activities, to the wide choice...
The digitalization of the world economy has led to the emergence of new lifestyles and new professional practices. At the forefront of this modernity, digital nomadism offers the opportunity for a real redefinition of the relationship with work.
Thailand is a destination of choice for lovers of the culinary arts. The capital is full of treasures and Phuket and Chiang Mai dishes are well known, but the emerging tourist regions also offer wonderful gastronomic surprises.
Launched a little over 2 years ago, Latitudes is a free cultural magazine, published in Thailand and Cambodia. In French and English, we talk about art, lifestyle, travel and, generally speaking, positive news, centered on the beautiful things in life.
PR and marketing consultancy specialized in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, Medical Spheres develops a new online ecosystem to serve the local medical community, patients, laymen and… Tourists!
To get the feeling of really dominating a city is a rare experience. Rosewood is well known for offering the utmost luxury to its guests, but in Phnom Penh it takes another dimension…
Artificial intelligence is a subject at once technological, philosophical and societal that is likely to upset our lives in the coming years. So, are you for or against it? Digital Lifestyle looks at technological innovations and their impact on our lifestyles, then asks you for your opinion.
In the wake of the kingdom’s gastronomic boom, for the past two years artisans have launched themselves into the production of 100% Made in Thailand chocolates and are gradually establishing their presence in the international market.