Art & Culture

Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto has been interacting visually with the urban environment under the name of Vhils since his days as a prolific graffiti writer in the early 2000s. Now Thailand has its Vhils: an impressive fresco on the wall of Bangkok’s Portuguese Embassy he recently realized.
Shakers If you are looking for something different in Rawai, check out the daily specials of Shakers such as BBQ, BBQ ribs, mussels & fries, beef fondue and their famous Sunday roast (lamb, beef and pork). You can sit back in their nice lounge area.
Raw Café Brain child of Atsumi Detox center owner Anna Wasin, the Raw café serves lovingly prepared raw vegetarian food with locally sourced and organic ingredients as well as an amazing selection of juices and smoothies in its little garden paradise. Eating at the Raw Café is a pleasure and...
If there is indeed a profession of which by definition we know nothing, but paradoxically all the little boys (as well as girls) wanted to practice, it is the profession of a secret agent. The blame is on James Bond and his avatars. And then we grew up. We understood that the reality was quite different, so the initial fascination faded away, but the mystery remained as full as it is. Eric Rochant, quite evidently, remains passionate about the subject. After having devoted himself to two very good feature films (The Patriots with Yvan Attal in 1994 and Möbius with Jean Dujardin in 2013) here he is doing it again, and this time in the form of a series.
In Poland, during one cold and snowy winter in 1975, nuns pray and sing in an isolated convent while one of them is yelling to death. Being unable to bear it, a nun disobeys the Mother Superior and leaves to seek help outside. At the French Red Cross, she meets Mathilde, a medical student who is also an atheist. She refuses to assist at first, but changes her mind and follows her. What she discovers then goes beyond her understanding: a nun is about to give birth and the rest is not long in coming. Despite the reluctance of the Mother Superior, Mathilde continues to help them and in doing so, discovers their terrible secret and puts her own life in danger.
From New York to Tokyo, Senegal to China, French artist Virginie Broquet travels, draws and observes the world. Always with her sketchbook and pen, she captures scenes away from the street, snapshots that tell of her curiosity of others. Every image, like a painting, then becomes an adventure!
From San Francisco to Paris passing through Tokyo, Jeannine Platz has painted some of the most beautiful panoramic landscapes in the world from hotel suites. Her artistic journey lasting several months led her to the So Sofitel in Bangkok in August 2016.