Author: Latitudes Team

Collagist and digital designer, Pariwat Anantachina develops an urban universe through cosmopolitan compositiions mixing photographs and vintage illustrations. In 10 years of creation, he has become one of the emblematic figures in the art of collage in Thailand.
The digitalization of the world economy has led to the emergence of new lifestyles and new professional practices. At the forefront of this modernity, digital nomadism offers the opportunity for a real redefinition of the relationship with work.
Thailand is a destination of choice for lovers of the culinary arts. The capital is full of treasures and Phuket and Chiang Mai dishes are well known, but the emerging tourist regions also offer wonderful gastronomic surprises.
On the occasion of the National Day of Colombia and the celebration of 40 years of the diplomatic relations between Thailand and Colombia, the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia in Bangkok held the Colombian Caribbean music concert performed by the marvellous artist Concha Bernal at Bangkok Art and Culture...
Launched a little over 2 years ago, Latitudes is a free cultural magazine, published in Thailand and Cambodia. In French and English, we talk about art, lifestyle, travel and, generally speaking, positive news, centered on the beautiful things in life.
While the steady increase of the number of foreign tourists has played a driving role in the country’s economic growth and now accounts for 10 to 15% of its GDP, the mass tourism model is questioned because of the significant damage it causes. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is developing...
In office since last September, Jacques Lapouge became France’s ambassador to Thailand at a pivotal moment in the country’s history.
At the crossroads of Art Nouveau and traditional Thai art, Narath Boriboonhiranthana creates really delicate paper cut art pieces. An abstract mix realized from concrete elements inspired by the personal history and the overflowing imagination of the artist.