pedi:mani:cure studios in Bangkok and Phnom Penh, what a walk

pedi:mani:cure studios in Bangkok and Phnom Penh, what a walk


pedi:mani:cure studios in Bangkok

and Phnom Penh, what a walk!
Tiphaine Mallegol

4 October 2019

Famous and recognized among celebrities and the world elite for his playful, unique and educational approach to foot and hand care, Bastien Gonzalez is one of the pioneers in the world of pedicures.

Bastien has cut his teeth in a medical pedicure practice Place des Vosges in Paris.
He then very quickly intervened in the most refined hotels of the capital, then in London and New York, where the clientele was seduced by his expertise and his very particular approach to the profession, conferring on him the status of “Foot virtuoso”.

Its 20 Pedi:Mani:Cure Studios, now installed in the most luxurious hotels on the planet, offer a complete line of products and tools “Révérence de Bastien” for the feet, hands and nails. All the managers of the studios are accomplished French-speaking and English-speaking chiropodists, state-registered graduates in France, who have therefore had access to French know-how and who know how to transmit their knowledge particularly well.

Lend prestige to Foot Care

The uniqueness of the concept of these remarkable studios is based on the synergy between care, beauty and well-being. Its care protocols pay careful and medical attention to the nail and its integrity. The beautiful finish of the nail passes through its brilliance, thanks to an old-fashioned polishing technique, each step of which is perfectly explained by the person in charge, for a surprisingly naturally brilliant result. But the ultimate secret of these exceptional treatments lies in their relaxing dimension: whether after a foot or hand treatment, a massage can release any tension, from the toes to the leg or fingers up to the forearm. This is a delicious moment. The ultimate care within the menu offered by these studios is the Duo: a signature treatment par excellence, made with four hands and which does not forget any detail of the nails, hands, feet, legs and arms. The pinnacle of luxury in the field, repeatedly rewarded by professionals in the world of beauty around the planet.

According to a Chinese proverb “The smile comes from the foot”, so do not hesitate to buy this exquisite care. The good news? You can find the expertise and products of Bastien Gonzales on every continent… and especially near you in an exceptional setting: the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, or the fabulous Rosewood in Phnom Penh.


Latitudes particularly appreciated two axes of Bastien’s philosophy

The service in the studios: professionalism of the team
Bastien Gonzalez selects and trains all members of his team in his skincare techniques, ensuring the durability and quality of the protocols bearing his signature. The team adheres to its philosophy and is able to explain step by step the usefulness of each practice and each product. If it is a real pleasure for the body, it is also for the mind, because we learn a lot during a session.

Did you know, for example, that with their 7,200 nerve endings, feet are ultrasensitive? That an average person walks 8,000 steps a day and travels 40,000 kilometers in his lifetime?
The team demonstrates unparalleled communication and pedagogy in the profession… up to the foot health tips to keep a perfect balance so they carry us and keep us firmly tied to the ground. Because we forget it too often and Bastien repeats it tirelessly: the foot is the frame of the human body, it constitutes our foundations, our roots.

The flagship product of the “Révérence de Bastien” brand: the rare pearl, an absolute must-have
Made in France, L’ECLAT DE PERLE, a polishing paste for nails, contains a powder of cultured pearls: the mother-of-pearl is composed of crystals of calcium carbonate (or aragonite source of many trace elements and marine proteins) and conchiolin (organic substance close to keratin). Finely ground, mother-of-pearl allows a gentle exfoliation of the nail and gives it a subtle sparkle. Friction of the paste on the surface of the nail with a chamois leather reestablish its original structure and enhances its natural shine. Once polished, the nails retain their shine for several weeks. The beauty of your hands is not just a nail polish!


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