Concha Bernal in Bangkok

Concha Bernal in Bangkok




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15 August 2019

On the occasion of the National Day of Colombia and the celebration of 40 years of the diplomatic relations between Thailand and Colombia, the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia in Bangkok held the Colombian Caribbean music concert performed by the marvellous artist Concha Bernal at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) in July.

What a dancing concert! Concha Bernal is a nice flagship of the Caribbean folklore fusion. Her works represents the mixture of typical Folkloric rhythms and sounds of the Caribbean through “tambour”, “llamador”, “gaita” and other tropical symphonies with modern atmosphere. Her music transmits and strengthens the artistic, cultural and ancestral Afro-Colombian roots. 

Concha, together with her band, succeeded in creating a spectacular show by collaborating with Thai musicians from Tiger Drum Studio. The uniqueness of each nation was combined perfectly on the performance by mixing Thai local dance with the rhythms of the percussion instruments from the Caribbean coast of Colombia. 

The collaboration encouraged not only the cultural exchange but also the recognition of cultural differences and similarities through the rhythms. More importantly, the event has proved that the music as universal language could bring people closer than ever. 

Tiger Drum Studio was established by a group of the young who have passion for dance, music, drums and arts. They came together to create masterpieces performed in Thailand and outside the country. Their arts represent not only traditional Thai music but also the contemporary symphonies. 

The concert of Concha Bernal in Thailand was a part of her Colombian revelation tour in several Asian countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and Singapore. 

Since 2013, the Embassy of Colombia in Thailand has been bringing artists to Thailand in order to spread its culture to the eyes of Thai people. For example, in 2018, “Swing Latino”, a group of Colombian Salsa dancer came to perform at the BACC on the National Day of Colombia and they received an overwhelming response from the audiences. 

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