Thaï Property Group: invest with smile

Thaï Property Group: invest with smile


Thaï Property Group: invest with smile

Latitudes team

5 August 2019

With 6 agencies in Thailand and Cambodia, Thaï Property Group is the francophone specialist of property and the privileged interlocutor for “invest with smile”.

Thaï Property Group (TPG) is a francophone real estate agency created in 2014 by the real estate professional association that has more than 30 years of experience in France, Nouméa and Tahiti. The team is devoted to guide investors in Asia real estate with its agencies in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Phuket and Phnom Penh. As well as help its partners in the francophone world. “Invest with smile” is their motto. The company wants to relay the culture of welcoming and thai services through real estate activities.

An offer adapted to everyone. 

As a real estate agency in Thailand, TPG mostly sells new hotel management and rent guarantee programs as well as villas and residential apartments in Bangkok, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Phuket. The offer is adapted to everyone’s project, for those who are looking for generating a guaranteed profit by contract to those who wants a home in the tropics.  

But agency activities can’t be summarized in selling because buying a property is not random. It is a reflected decision in the context of a project that can sometimes be the one of a life. TPG wants above all guide its clients in their projects and develops a support and serving approach.

Service, a golden rule 

There is a point which distinguish TPG from other agencies: the quality of its service. The agency understood that the most important thing is not “How to sell my offers to clients?” but “What need my clients?”

Before each transaction, TPG helps the client to visit the property on site. The client has also the opportunity to open a bank account with the support of a sales managers and a dedicated driver. Even after the sale, the client has an interlocutor close to him thanks to partners in France, Nouméa, Tahiti and Réunion. He receives regularly some news from the agency and promoters.

TPG is intended to be the added value broker between investors and promoters/owners, hence their slogan: “Close to our products, close to our clients”. 

Thaï Property Group shares its expertise through counseling and general information. In that sense, we find several articles about life in Thailand, real estate and procedures on their dedicated blog for people interested in property acquisition or just by Thailand in general. 

An agency that moves

In the Land of Smile, economy is in constant evolution and markets change. In the same way, TPG continually evolves. Soon their new Phuket agency will do its soft opening to reinforce their presence in the most visited island of Thailand. New events will be organized regularly in each offices of Thailand. The agency will even be present in several influential cities of SouthEast Asia to form new francophone and anglophone partnerships.

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