Latitudes, a publishing adventure!

Latitudes, a publishing adventure!



Christophe Chommeloux

26 July 2019

Launched a little over 2 years ago, Latitudes is a free cultural magazine, published in Thailand and Cambodia. In French and English, we talk about art, lifestyle, travel and, generally speaking, positive news, centered on the beautiful things in life.

Publishing a paper magazine is a constantly renewed challenge, but Latitudes is also digital, we have just launched our new website, and we are diversifying into different areas, especially in video and in the production of artistic events.
To support this growth, we need your help!

To celebrate our second anniversary, we organized a major exhibition at the Subhashok Art Center in Bangkok, which brought together all the artists who made the cover of the magazine until the beginning of this third year.

On this occasion, our partner Elephant Parade, a responsible company based in Chiang Mai and whose part of the profits is donated to foundations that work for pachyderms preservation, has created a unique copy of an adorable elephant. It is decorated with a beautiful collage of elements from the first twelve covers of the magazine and we named it Sowat.

Sowat represents these two years of adventures and he has become both the symbol and the mascot of Latitudes. Many people wanted to buy us Sowat, but we always refuse so far because it was obviously out of the question to let go our mascot.

Today, we decided to base this crowdfunding campaign, designed to help us reach the milestone of the third year, on a limited edition of this exceptional piece, which you will finally be able to obtain.

So, to help protect elephants, encourage the artists we stand for, and support Latitudes, we offer 3 packages :

The basic offer includes a numbered copy of Sowat and a 3-year subscription to the magazine. But for an even more exclusive participation, we also offer two very special packages, concocted in collaboration with two of our favorite artists.

The following package was conceived with the traveling artist Stephanie Ledoux, whose superb ethnic portraits were recently the subject of an exhibition at the Alliance française in Bangkok, with a lot of success. With Stephanie, we want to offer you a package adding to the basic package (Sowat the elephant and 3 years subscription to the magazine) an exclusive triptych composed of three elephant eyes, in a very limited series.

Finally, last package is made with Nakrob Moonmanas The Collagist, adding to the basic package (Sowat the elephant and 3 years subscription to the magazine), Nakrob made for us a beautiful collage called: The capture of the white elephants. Each element of this collage has been cut from old magazines, such as Le Petit Journal, most of which have been found in Paris, especially at the flea market.

That’s it, help the elephants, the artists and the magazine, by choosing now on Indiegogo one of our packages…

…and adopt Sowat !


Other Ways You Can Help!

If you just can’t contribute and purchase one of these 3 packages, you can make a donation of any amount, and we offer a last package with subscription at a special price, but you just can help a lot by getting the word out and make some noise about our campaign. Use the Indiegogo share tools and make some noise on social media!

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