Em as in Mysteries

Em as in Mysteries


Em as in Mysteries

Latitudes Team

25 February 2019

Cambodia’s most famous multi-talented artist Em Riem will invest the Gallery of the French Institute in March with an installation promised to be spectacular, mysterious and poetic.

Trained in contemporary design at the school of fine arts in Saint-Etienne and at the school of decorative arts in Paris, teaching in two prestigious art schools in Phnom Penh, Em Riem is one of the central figures of Cambodian creation and one of the few local artists to live by his art.

Deeply attached to his country and marked by his history, he began in 2003 a series of paintings related to the victims of the Khmer Rouge. This famous collection, which he continues to enrich, consists of portraits of almost photographic precision, some made in particular with black acrylic on hessian.

Painter, sculptor, stylist or furniture designer, Em Riem perfectly cultivates eclecticism.The exuberant nature of his homeland, the many faces of Cambodian society, the arrogant vulgarity of the new rich or the smiling dignity of the poor people are all subjects that inspire him. The use of local materials is an important component of his polymorphic work that leaves no one indifferent.

To this day, the mystery remains intact about the pieces to be presented at the French Institute. However, we know that they were specially created for the occasion and we bet that rattan, bamboo or wood will be sublimated once again.

French Institute Gallery
#218 rue 184, Phnom Penh
From March 7 to 30

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