Apsara, Start Making Scents

Apsara, Start Making Scents


Apsara, Start Making Scents

Latitudes Team

30 January 2019

Dedicated to the elaboration of fragrances and cosmetics the first Workshop-Boutique by Maison Apsara has just opened its doors in Phnom Penh, for natural beauty products amateurs (oil, creams, balms, fragrances).

The spot is a real invitation to unleash your senses, and to discover the fabulous terroir of Cambodia, where it gets the major part of its ingredients, more than 120 raw materials associated with essences sourced in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery.

The shop proposes workshops led by Lana Vélasque, the founder of Apsara. One can easily learn about cosmetic creation, and better understand active ingredients of components. During these workshops you will be able to create personalized fragrance or personalized facial exfoliating cream.

Maison Apsara also provides a wide choice of linen house clothes from Mellow Linen. The exclusive creations features elegant designs and simple lines. Self-conscious about enhancing local crafts, the brand essentially sources its raw materials in Cambodia.

“There is a magic side in creating your own facial skincare, your own eau de parfum while playing with the olfactive pyramid and the sensory properties of a product” explains Lana Vélasque, enthusiastic at the idea of sharing her passion.

Maison Apsara: la Boutique-Atelier
44 Street 63, Phnom Penh

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