Sandy Rivera, King of Tonight

Sandy Rivera, King of Tonight


Sandy Rivera, King of Tonight


6 December 2018

Time marches on, never ending… And so begins one of the most beautiful and emblematic vocal tracks of House Music, transcending time and space to become a classic. Released in 2001 on the world-famous Defected label, Finally hasn’t aged a bit nearly two decades later.

Nor has its creator, Sandy Rivera. As a Latino kid, he started mixing at the age of 13 in Spanish Harlem where he grew up. Becoming a House DJ and producer in the early ’90s, label owner and most famous half of the duo Kings of Tomorrow (KOT), he has worked with some of the most beautiful voices in the industry and alongside the greatest producers, from Robert Owens to Jon Cutler, LT Brown to Roland Clark and, of course, Julie McKnight, and from Franck Roger to the Masters at Work.

Today, he still spins in the world’s most coveted DJ booths, from New York to Ibiza… or from Phuket to Bangkok.

Although Sandy is constantly on the move, hopping from one flight to the next, we still had the pleasure of meeting the legend at Club at Koi, the current name of the former Ku De Ta/Ce La Vi, thanks to Alex iMix, a Russian forty-something music lover who spends tremendous energy bringing quality music to the Big Mango, selflessly organizing the monthly Starlight Saturday night parties.

The background music was one of the New York DJ’s most famous hits, which perfectly sums up his character: I Can’t Stop!

You have come to Thailand many times, what’s your connection with the country?

I have been to Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Phi Phi Island and Bangkok, but the places I have played in Thailand have all closed or have changed the sound format and many new venues opened up. The scene is always changing with so many kinds of music to choose from. The Club at Koi’s Starlight Saturday was a really good event and it’s a very nice place. In Phuket, I played at Dream Beach Club which was Nikki Beach before. In the past, I have played a few times at the Egg Club in Bangkok and that was always a lot of fun. I only know the places I play at. So many new big venues & festival going on that I have no clue of…

You did a Defected compilation for Nikki Beach Samui a few years ago, what was special with that project?

I like that mix a lot, Defected asked me to realize it and I was very happy to do it since I played at the venue before and it all made sense.

You have been a King of Tomorrow for many years, how do you see tomorrow for House Music? Is it still future?

House Music has taken over in many formats. It is the most played music in proper clubs around the world. Just look at Ibiza alone. I am happy to be a part of it all.

Finally, do you still play this track?

Absolutely! It’s an anthem that never gets old. I am lucky to have made that song in so many ways. It changed my life. It is one of the many reasons why I can still do what I do. Jess Glynne just sampled the bassline and it is almost in the Top 10 UK charts. It’s also on the A-list at BBC 1. It’s a bassline I made. I have more good news about it with TV commercials coming up, but I can’t mention the company yet…

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