Klimt, 21st Century exhibitions

Klimt, 21st Century exhibitions



21st Century exhibitions
Caroline Laleta Ballini

27 November 2018

Installed in a former foundry in Paris’s eleventh arrondissement, the Atelier des Lumières holds monumental immersive exhibitions. Until January 6, 2019, the first Digital Art Centre in Paris marks its opening with Gustav Klimt and the main figures in the Viennese art scene, magnified by digital technologies.

Taking visitors on a journey through one hundred years of viennese painting, the immersive exhibition takes an original look at the works of Klimt and his successors, Egon Schiele et Friedensreich Hundertwasser, through a presentation of the portraits, landscapes, nudes, colors, and gildings that revolutionized Viennese painting at the end of the nineteenth century and in the century that followed.

Using 140 video projectors, 3,000 moving images using the AMIEX® system and a spatialized sound system by 50 Nexo speakers, the highly unique multimedia equipment can cover a total surface area of 3,300sqm, extending from the floors to the ceilings and over walls up to ten meters high.

When the first musical note is heard, technology gives way to aesthetic emotion, in a poetic scenario. Completely immersed in the images and music, the visitor is taken on a sensorial journey that sheds new light on the major artists in the history of art. The images slide along the walls and the floor, completely covering the visitor in a dialogue of sound and light.

The establishment of the Atelier des Lumières complements the success of the Carrières de Lumières, which have been run by Culturespaces since 2012 at Les Baux-de-Provence, where almost 600,000 people visit the digital exhibitions each year.

“The role of an art centre is to decompartmentalise, and that is why digital technology is so important in twenty-first-century exhibitions. Used for creative purposes, it has become a formidable vector for dissemination, and is capable of creating links between eras, add dynamism to artistic practices, amplify emotions, and reach the largest possible audience” as Bruno Monnier, president of Culturespaces explains.

8 rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris
Open every day between 10am and 6pm
Late night opening: Fridays, Saturdays until 10pm

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