Vegan gastronomy in Chiang Mai

Vegan gastronomy in Chiang Mai


Vegan gastronomy in Chiang Mai
Catherine Vanesse

30 October 2018

One of its kind, the Oxygen Dining Room restaurant invites those with epicurean tastes to discover artfully prepared vegetarian gastronomy.

Pumpkin soup with a truffle emulsion, a salad of tomatoes accompanied by a scoop of goat cheese gelato, a triple mushroom risotto with truffle paste, khao soi with eggplant, and the chef’s special dessert…

Once a month, Oxygen Dining Room offers a 100% vegetarian menu created by the Michelin-starred chef Nicolas Isnard with Bernard Demard, who was recently awarded the title of “Thailand’s Iron Chef.”

Located along the riverside at the heart of the X2 hotel in Chiang Mai, the restaurant clearly displays its desire to elevate the quality of culinary offerings for vegetarians. While the Rose of the North, as Chiang Mai is known, has numerous “veggie-friendly” restaurants and cafes, the level of the cuisine is often somewhat basic, even as many high-end restaurants offer only a few dishes that are truly aimed at vegetarians.

“We have created this menu for two reasons,” explains Ewan Taylor, the general director of the X2 Chiang Mai Riverside Resort. “The first stems from the very high quality of products that is found in Chiang Mai; the second is because we have noted the limited availability of vegetarian cuisine, and wanted to change that, and not just with a permanent menu of 5 dishes, but also through the organization of a monthly evening when we offer a menu of 7 entirely vegetarian dishes.”

In order to ensure the freshness and quality of the product, the hotel grows some of its own vegetables within its grounds, or is supplied by the Jacques organic farm or through the Royal Projects.

“The world is changing and we want to be more responsible by offering healthy, locally grown, pesticide-free products,” says Ewan. “Chiang Mai offers the best fruits and vegetables in Thailand, and we have to ensure that we make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer,” adds Chef Alexandre Demard.

From the amuse-bouche to the dessert and sweets, our Latitudes team, which included both a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian that evening, could only marvel at the delicacy of the flavors, the contrasts of textures, and the enchanting setting of the restaurant.

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