Street Urban Culture Highlight

Street Urban Culture Highlight


Street Urban Culture Highlight

Latitudes Team

16 October 2018

As part of the Bangkok Biennale Art, the Franco-German Cultural Fund goes down the street with a street art project that brings together artists from Thailand, France and Germany.

From November 15 to December 1, the “STREET URBAN CULTURE HIGHLIGHT” will propose a bunch of activities around urban art and street gastronomy articulated around different poles: graffiti, dance show, hip-hop battle and DJ/VJ.

The first part will see mural paintings on the walls of Sathorn 11 (November 15), Soi Goethe (November 16) and Charoenkrung (November 30) by French artists Kashink, Kaldea and Jace, the Germans Thierry Noir and Kimo von Rebowski and Thai Alex Face, P7 and Yuree. The graffiti made on these walls will be permanent, while on November 18th, the 8 artists will each create an ephemeral fresco at Siam Discovery.

The weekend of 23 and 24 November will give way to dance with two performances: “À l’ombre de Coré” by the company Bakhus, a poetic performance that combines hip-hop, comedy, video and music (November 23). The show will be followed by the group Samifati. A violin, video-mapping and electronic music inspired by the World and Bass Music are the ingredients of the duo that will ensure a DJ and VJ set.

With #Hashtag 2.0 (November 24), the company Pockemon Crew and its ten hip-hop dancers tells contemporary stories through impressive choreography. Pockemon Crew will host several workshops during the weekend as part of the Dance Festival.

The closing of this festival will take place at the Alliance Française with the traditional “Hip-Hop Battle – La Fête”, during which the best hip-hop dancers from Thailand come to challenge each other.

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