Central Floresta Phuket: Fairies Harbour

Central Floresta Phuket: Fairies Harbour


Central Floresta Phuket:

Fairies Harbour

Caroline Laleta Ballini

16 October 2018

Central Floresta opened its doors on September 10th in front of thousands of awed visitors who came to explore this new luxury shopping center, which already hosts some very nice shops and an impressive floor dedicated to gastronomy. We look forward to Christmas to discover the most prestigious brands’ shops and the end-of-year festivities.

Majestic and very well lit, this new Central Phuket space is distinguished by a contemporary decoration that is both magical and exotic: monumental statues of giants from Thai mythology stand next to peacocks made out of wires, plant walls and cabinets of curiosities in indoor greenhouses, while multicolored birds jabber and coo.

The basement and its gastronomy are proving to be a great success. Wonderfully reflecting the important place of food for Thais and the lifestyle of the kingdom’s 4 regions, Tales of Thailand is the largest domestic market.

The floating boats and multiple shops offer a wide selection of Thai food, and the Food Court offers an international and Thai buffet that can be enjoyed at the counter or in the courtyard set aside for this purpose.

You can also order a la carte: grilled beef, truffle puree, creamy polenta, Parmesan potato mousse, tailor-made fresh pasta, roast chicken, lobster, vegetarian salads, vegetable gratin,
charcuterie… There is something for everyone, and at a truly affordable price.

Unlike gastronomy, the great ready-to-wear brands’ long-awaited luxury boutiques have not yet arrived. The sounds in the corridor seem to indicate that the ground floor’s beautiful partitions, covered with an enchanting wallpaper, are set to house some luxury brands at the end of the year.

Central Phuket will also be distinguished by several unique entertainments not to be missed. Tribhum or the Mystery of the 3 Worlds, the amusement park with its 3D experience and Aquaria, the new aquarium with its 25,000 fish, should open their doors in the first quarter of 2019.

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