Hotel : Bali spirit upon Mekong

Hotel : Bali spirit upon Mekong


Bali spirit upon Mekong

14 September 2018

Recently, a specialist in Southeast Asia tourism (Parichat Haenen from listed for Latitudes an “incredible or instagrammable setting” as top second priority for nowadays travelers, right behind a comfortable mattress and before a spacious room.

The Balé Phnom Penh opened in 2018 on the northern bank of the Mekong River, eight kilometers from Cambodia capital city center, certainly meets this requirement. With 18 suites only (ranging from 240 to 480sqm), the hotel has been designed as a pleasure for the eye, with pure, streamlined volumes and the soothing presence of the legendary river nearby.

Part of the Indonesian group Lifestyle Retreats, The Balé (a Balinese word meaning “pavilion”) transposes the aesthetics and sense of space of its namesake in Nusa Dua to the Cambodian countryside, with some subtle hints to the local culture such as the kbach (stenciled motives) gracing the long walls in the dining room. A definitely modern architecture nevertheless reflects the traditional organization of the Balinese family compound, with its pavilions dedicated to specific function, bale sakepat, bale tiang sanga, bale dangin, etc.

From the Bodhi tree marking the symbolic center of its courtyard to the angular, elongated swimming pool that seems to flow in unison with the Mekong, the place is absolutely photogenic, and invites to a visual feast with its bold arches and serene pathways.

That is what attracted fashion photographer Jérémie Montessuis and inspired him a recent photo shoot we are echoing here, with creations designed by Cambodian fashion maverick Janeth Dingal (Janeth de Elegante), whose comments about fashion on TrendzTV are widely followed.

Photography: Jérémie Montessuis
Hair and Makeup: Syna Styling
Models: Chankesey Ke, Mary Hat
Clothes & Accessories: Janeth Dingal

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