Koh Phangan : Seed to Feed

Koh Phangan : Seed to Feed


Seed to Feed
Valérie Ladrette

6 September 2018

As both a restaurant and an organic farm, Seed to Feed has its roots in a chance meeting between students at an agricultural school in Australia.

Fifteen years ago, Dow, of Thai descent, went abroad to study agriculture. She met Morgan, with whom she developed a friendship. Years passed, and Dow began to feel homesick. She returned to Thailand, accompanied by Morgan. Passionate about organic farming and wanting to eat vegetables grown naturally without the help of pesticides, they decided to start a hydroponic organic farm. They initially cultivated for their personal consumption, before word-of-mouth pushed locals to ask them to increase their production in order to enable them to enjoy fresh vegetables as well. Then, luxury hotels also began to call upon their services.

Dow and Morgan thus put all of their efforts into growing their vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, sprouted seeds and fruit trees. Their endeavors were successful and they obtained the GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) license issued by the Thai Ministry of Agriculture.
As the farm grew, a hen house was added to it, not just for fresh eggs, but also in order to make compost and processing damaged vegetables. Nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed! The hens are fed spoiled vegetables and their droppings are used to make the compost that is then used as fertilizer.

After 3 years of running the farm, the idea of opening a restaurant and smoothie bar became increasingly attractive. While the two built the wooden tables, and the open kitchen with the help of family members, they also found old decorative objects in the attic of Dow’s parents, to which they gave a second life. The restaurant’s atmosphere is warm and relaxing. The dim lights in the evening bring a romantic and soothing touch.

The menu was created by Dow. From breakfast with fresh eggs of the day to colorful salads accompanied by different choices of original seasonings, meat or fish dishes, appetizing desserts, energizing and healthy smoothies, herbal teas, and organic coffee from Chiang Mai, everything is fresh and 70% of the products that make up the dishes come from the farm.

Open every day from 9am to 9:30pm

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