Oud, a scent of success

Oud, a scent of success


Oud, a scent of success
Asia Plantation Capital

20 August 2018

In a market that is growing increasingly quickly, some 1,200 luxury fragrances are released every year, and those using Oud, which has an intense, smoky woody scent, have taken the lion’s share. More and more high-end products are indeed based on the precious oil, which is more precious than gold.

Extracted from the resinous heart of Agarwood from the tropical aquilaria tree, Oud oil is a high-value ingredient that has been prized throughout history.

The precious resin is the result of the tree’s natural defense mechanism when it is infected with a fungus. It is known as “Oud” or “Agarwood,” and today is one of the most sought-after ingredients in the fragrance industry, which uses it in making one out of every eight perfumes.

Ethics and production

Managing more than 3,000 hectares of sustainable plantations, with more than 650 million dollars of forest assets in the world, the multi-award-winning forest-farming group Asia Plantation Capital has locations in Thailand that ethically and qualitatively produce this precious oil worth $30,000 per kilo.

APC also lets individuals become Oud producers themselves by acquiring eco-responsible aquilaria plantations, where the company will manage the production of Agarwood until the end production. Anyone can own their own forest without worrying about taking care of it, and become a producer of a high-demand raw ingredient.

APC is famous worldwide both for its ethics as well as for the constant quality of its oil. The oil can easily be sold to cosmetics companies and perfumers who adhere to its values, such as the exceptional French perfume brand Fragrance du Bois, with which APC has signed a partnership to be the exclusive supplier for the next 30 years.

Being concerned with ethics as well as excellence, Fragrance Du Bois condemns the illegal exploitation of Oud reserves. In order to manufacture its fragrances, the luxury brand exclusively uses pure essential Oud oil from trees in plantations managed by Asia Plantation Capital, which allows it to guarantee its origin as ethical and sustainable.

Knock on Oud

The very name “Fragrance Du Bois” is the result of a collaboration between Agarwood planter-distillers and the luxury fragrance house. The master perfumers still create their fragrances in the pure tradition of the city of Grasse, which started in France in the 17th century.

“Our perfumes tell a story, suiting feelings or moods, we invite our customers to experience a complete masterwork resulting from the Perfumers personal interpretations of Oud, their memories and sensations, forged to awaken vibrant emotions in and around you,” says the brand’s director Nicola Parker enthusiastically.

“Our inspiration comes from the beauty and purity of nature itself. Central to all Fragrance Du Bois creations is our signature, the essence of Oud. It is both unique and characteristic, and incarnates ultimate luxury,” she adds. Years of special attention are necessary before even starting to dream about getting some of the precious nectar: the essential oil.

“Finally, only once it’s on your skin can you truly appreciate the magic of a fragrance containing pure Oud oil. The emotion is unlike any other for us, whether we are a planter, distiller, or perfumer.”

In fact, fragrance aficionados and “conscious consumers” around the world – those concerned with sustainability, environmental awareness and known provenance of the products they purchase – are responding in dramatic fashion to Fragrance Du Bois’ mantra of “luxury with a conscience.”

The inclusion of 100% pure, organic and sustainably sourced Oud oil in its signature products has made the company one of the fastest-growing luxury perfume brands in the world today, with Fragrance Du Bois boutiques in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Dubai, Doha, Geneva, Paris, London, Milan, Porto no, Marbella and Los Angeles.

L’Atelier Fragrance Du Bois Boutique
Passage Des Lions, Rue du Rhône 8, 1204 Geneva, Suisse

For more information about Aquilaria plantations acquisition, contact Stéphane Sintès, Business Development Director of APC.

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