5 Thai Ads that will make you cry!

5 Thai Ads that will make you cry!


5 Thai Ads that will make you cry!

Catherine Vanesse

22 June 2018

For a good many years, Thailand has distinguished itself on the international scene by the quality of its commercials and especially by their emotional side, to the point of making you cry!

These advertisements called “Sadvertising”, a contraction of “sad” and “advertising”, have exploded in recent years. Internationally, Thai designers stand out in their art of striking a chord with commercials that are more short film than classic 30-seconds.

Indeed, these “sadvertising” generally last up to 5 minutes and may even reach 15 minutes. With a real scenario that holds the suspense, it is often necessary to wait till the end of the spot to discover the brand behind. Which upsets the codes of Western advertising.

For Jinn Powprapai, founder of CJ Worx, an agency in Bangkok specializing in the production of highly emotional commercials, “it’s Buddhism,” the ultra-majority religion in Thailand. “To be a Buddhist is above all to give and to pay attention to others, we tend to always show empathy for people less fortunate than us,” he says in an article published on lepetitjournal.com.

And to give you the proof, here is a selection of 5 Thai ads.

Will you be able not to cry before the end?


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