Phnom Penh Heritage Tour

Phnom Penh Heritage Tour


Phnom Penh Heritage Tour

Christophe Chommeloux

3 June 2018

A very interesting mix of modernity and old-school, Phnom Penh Heritage Tour takes you on a trip to discover the “Pearl of Asia” in a traditional tuk-tuk, but equipped with a tablet on which you have videos describing the 20+ interesting places featured.

Phnom Penh, the khmer capital, is experiencing a frenetic development and is quickly transforming, sometimes forgetting that some buildings are valuable witnesses to its history.

Phnom Penh Heritage Tour offers you to discover the best part of this rich past, inherited from the time Cambodia was placed under French Protectorate.

The tour is probably the best way to discover the city and its various places of interest, then pick the ones to pay a longer visit later on. It lasts around 2 hours, a perfect length, and reveals as fun as it is interesting, giving you a good background on the town through dedicated videos and slideshows that you can watch at will, right when the tuk-tuk stops in front of each landmark.

Then you are allowed to admire the reality of a building with panoramic effect, discover its original aspect with photos of the past, appreciate its details while listening to its history and be granted the privilege to virtually enter in some places not accessible to the public. Starting at Khema, Place de la Poste, where you will be offered a delicious croissant, you will then be guided to Manolis hotel, the Chinese House, Hokkien Temple, the Naga bridge, Wat Phnom, the National library, Royal – Raffles Hotel, The train station, Central market, Villa No Problem, Ecole des Arts, the National Museum, The Mansion, Unesco, Royal Palace and street 240, where the tour ends with a Farewell drink at The 240.

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