Cinema : Act Up at 120 BPM

Cinema : Act Up at 120 BPM


Act Up at 120 BPM

Latitudes Team

18 May 2018

Writer-director Robin Campillo’s 120 bpm throws us into the milieu of sexual and political activism of the early 90s, when House music soared, a music played around… 120 Beats Per Minute.

As seen through the prism of the ACT UP movement in Paris, it passionately illuminates the fight for social acceptance by people living with HIV in the face of drug manufacturers reluctant to expedite treatment breakthroughs.

Act Up – Paris was created on June 26, 1989, upon the occasion of an upcoming Gay Pride. Act Up carried the voices of HIV-positive men and women, using a powerful visual culture with terse slogans and symbolic images, in events that attracted widespread media coverage. At the light of their 30th anniversary, there is still the question of what remains to be done to permanently eradicate the AIDS virus from the planet.

On May 19, the Alliance Française organizes a screening of Robin Campillo’s multi-awar- ded lm, preceded by a round table with Thai and French speakers who have witnessed and been part of the creation of Act Up.

19 May | Alliance Française Bangkok 4 pm: Roundtable
6 pm: Screening
8:30 pm: Party

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