BCIS Planetarium & Cosmos Theatre

BCIS Planetarium & Cosmos Theatre


BCIS Planetarium & Cosmos Theatre

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7 May 2018

Berda Claude International School (BCIS) was founded with one core philosophy: Education Changes the World. This simple and powerful tenet ensures a focus on providing a comprehensive academic and extracurricular experience to students. Berda Claude International School is proud to bring to Phuket its first optical and digital Planetarium and Cosmos theatre!

Open since September 2017, BCIS already hosts 276 students, of 39 nationalities. Strengthened by this success, its management has decided to strongly enlarge its initial project.

On the programme, the building of a 300sqm library, so students have ample space to read and benefit from a wide array of resources. Classrooms will be revamped and completely refitted in order to propose a practical aspect to every discipline.

Specialized labs will enable students a chance to prepare for a potential future as researchers or scientists. Finally, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a spacious gymnasium will provide a complete and authentic sporting experience.

The school’s ambition of maintaining excellence translates into its constant endeavors to implement innovative features: educational garden, horticulture learning center and planetarium, among others.

With numerous innovative programmes and teaching methodologies, BCIS Phuket aims to create a high-achieving multicultural community for learning.

It has always been a dream of Laurent Minguely’s to truly immerse children in the understanding of our universe and show why we need to take care of our planet. With this in mind, he decided to build a planetarium so BCIS’ students will be able to take a tour of our universe and experience the wonders of our planet right from the comfort of their own school. At BCIS one wants to encourage curiosity towards the scientific world and the endless possibilities it brings.

The BCIS Planetarium and Cosmos theatre features a 360-degree dome theatre with comfortable and reclined seats, each with its own controls to interact with the lecturer or simulation. The set of 4K projectors will display a single digital image covering the panoramic dome so students can take a realistic tour through the solar system and will have the best view from whatever seat they may be sitting in.

One of Laurent Minguely’s aims of the planetarium is to illustrate to the students the dimension of space in which we live in and show them that on earth we are “as a tiny grain of sand on the immensity of a beach”, to bring perspective to their lives so they can live in harmony regardless of their origins, cultures or beliefs and protect our one and only planet together.

With the ability to join video conferences with astronomers from around the world, students can travel through the history of space, watch interactive displays of meteorites, space missions and the effects of gravity. Installed with a professional state-of-the-art sound solution and mood lighting entertainment system, it will be an unforgettable experience.
The Planetarium aim is to provide scientific education, astronomy education and educational entertainment.

+66 (0)76 606 204 info@bcisphuket.com
28/89 Moo 4, T. Chalong, A. Muang, Phuket 83130

BCIS Phuket, école française et internationale

BCIS Phuket

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