Tok Sen Massage, a Northern Vibes

Tok Sen Massage, a Northern Vibes


Tok Sen Massage,

a Northern Vibes 

Catherine Vanesse

24 April 2018

A peaceful retreat in the heart of Chiang Mai’s old city, Fah Lanna Spa has received numerous awards for the quality of its treatments and the beauty of its architecture.

“Fah Lanna Spa represents Lanna’s identity, not only through the architecture of the place, but above all through the quality of the treatments we offer, which will draw on the traditional well-being care of the North,” explains Nareenart Jittrong, Guest Relations Manager.

Curiosity has led us to try an experience that only exists in Chiang Mai: the Tok Sen massage. Coming from China and introduced in Thailand more than 3000 years ago, the treatment consists in using a wooden stick and a small hammer to tap on the body’s meridian lines, creating a resonance that deeply realigns the energy waves.

Not really a sinecure, but the relaxing effect is instant. Ideal for very tense people who appreciate the power of a traditional Thai massage.

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