Nakadia, Techno Diva

Nakadia, Techno Diva


Nakadia, Techno Diva

Christophe Chom’s & Antoine Ccht

24 April 2018

The World’s most renown Asian Djane has been roaming all over the clubbing planet for around 15 years now, playing every month a dozen cities and often in 6 to 8 different countries, from Berlin to Ibiza, from Bogota to Sydney and from Bangkok to Samui.

Logically lined-up just after Mendy Indigo, at the heart of Kolour’s dragon blast, Nakadia delivered one of those enthusiastic and energetic sets only her has the secret, before answering Latitudes questions.

How was this edition of Kolour in the Park? What relationship do you have with the festival?

Kolour in the park is always a highlight in Bangkok. I had a great time. I think over the past 4 years I have become like “family” with the team of Kolour. The relationship is more between friends than business-partners and it feels great.

You’re touring more and more apparently, what are the best new places you’ve had gigs this last year?

Last year was the best year so far and this year will be even bigger. But I try not to do more than 12 gigs per month. It means 12 cities and often 6-8 countries each month. At the end of 2017 I opened new markets for myself like Colombia and Australia. My first gigs in these countries were unbelievable! Both in Bogota and Sydney I played for sold-out clubs and the people went crazy. In Bogota my 3-hour sets turned into a 6-hour set… then (at 8 am) they had to really close the club, even though it was still packed! For 2018 I have highlights coming up that every DJ in the world is dreaming of, like playing the main stage of the biggest festival of the world or the biggest night on Ibiza: Elrow at Amnesia.

I guess you know Mendy Indigo who played just before you, do you think you have led the way for DJanes like her?

Mendy and I know each other since 2010, when she was not Djing yet. We are from the same city: Korat. When I started Djing it was a different world. I was not only about being a female DJ that was totally new, I also was the first DJ to play techno in Thailand. No club wanted to let me play. They all said, “Change your music, then you can play.” But I did not give up on my music and finally Glow opened its doors and Gert – the owner – let me play whatever I wanted. So I started my first techno nights at Glow. Later some Farang Djs came to my parties and said, “wow, they let you play this kind of music here… I also want!” – and slowly Glow developed into Bangkok’s first underground club from that. It was very hard work back then as people were thinking my career would be over before it begins. But have a look now – female Djs are booming, techno is booming and I am growing stronger every year.

What do you think about the current Thai scene, has it moved forward lately in your opinion?

I think music-wise we have moved forward very much and I am always happy to see more Thais following quality music. We could be much farther if the situation in Thailand would be more stable. All the time clubs – and even massive events – get closed down early for no reason. These kinds of things don’t happen in Europe or other developed places in the world, so they can have a much stronger scene. Investment into events in Thailand is a big risk and not many people want to take it.

After all these years, is it still special for you to come to play in Thailand?

To be honest, at the moment I am very happy that I can take my flight back home to Berlin tomorrow. So many parties got cancelled or closed early in the last weeks… I need some good experiences now, so I am really looking forward to touring the world again for the rest of the year – there will be huge parties waiting for me. I am sure after a few months I will be excited to return to Thailand again, let’s just hope that Thailand clubbing will be stable again by then.

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