Mendy indigo, Queen of Big Mango

Mendy indigo, Queen of Big Mango


Mendy indigo,

Queen of Big Mango

Christophe Chom’s & Antoine Ccht

24 April 2018

With countless residencies in Bangkok and regular gigs all around Thailand and Asia and now even Berlin, Mendy Indigo has made her way in the Techno world.

Mendy is now even hosting her own events like her monthly DARK & DIRTY at Glow and Nowhere To Now Here at De Commune.

Warming up the main stage before Nakadia with an impressive and powerful techno set, she paved the way for a mental evening, before answering Latitudes questions.

How was this edition of Kolour in the Park?

It was probably the biggest Kolour in the Park event and I had the chance to play at the main stage for the first time. It was really an honor to showcase my music to such a large audience. It’s also great to see how KITP has established itself as a must-go event.

What relationship do you have with the festival?

I attended many Kolour events as a guest and I got to know the organizers as they are also DJs. Coran, who is one of them, then contacted me to play at some of the Kolour events in Bangkok and eventually at the second edition of Kolour in the Park.

How old are you and how long have you been DJaying?

I’m 28 years old now and I started DJaying in 2011. However, I’ve been in the music scene for much longer, but as a singer.

I guess you know Nakadia, who played after you, do you think she has led the way for DJanes like you?

I know Nakadia since I started as a DJ. We’re from the same city and I see her as a bigger sister. I respect her a lot for her hard work and how far she got. She’s definitely an inspiration for many female DJs including myself.

What do you think about the current electronic music scene in Thailand, has it moved forward lately in your opinion?

The electronic music scene in Thailand has grown a lot during the past 5 years. Before, electronic music would only be found in underground venues or pop-up events. Now there are quite a few clubs that only play electronic music. We now also have many music festivals with international acts.

Where in the world do you dream of playing one day?

Kappa FuturFestival and Time Warp would be my dream festivals to play at. When it comes to clubs, Berghain and Robert Johnson.

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