Wonderfruit, we are family!

Wonderfruit, we are family!


Wonderfruit, we are family!

Christophe Chom’s

5 February 2017

A true open-air laboratory, Wonderfruit is not only an eco-chic music festival considering itself as a social movement and focusing on sustainability, it is also a family-friendly event o ering slots to DJs families like French crew La Mamie’s and programming the 8-year-old Djane Little Ale together with her father: DJ Fadi from Bali. 

Party is taking off at the Rainforest Pavilion. An infectious groove is kicking in, smiles on faces, bottoms moving, wooos… Behind the decks, DJ Little Ale is just 8 years old and she’s playing a primetime Saturday slot at Wonderfruit Festival like it’s only natural.

Little Ale: Let the Children Play!

Of course this doesn’t come out of nowhere. Bali-based Ale has been watching her dad Fadi djay for as long as she can remember and even followed him to Cocoon Beach Club. The Lebanese-born Swedish DJ and producer has indeed been spinning Tech House, Tribal, Progressive and Psytrance in clubs and festivals across Europe, North Africa and Asia for 20 years…

It all started at a wedding, when Alesia stepped up to the stage herself and wowed the guests with a stunning Brazilian bass playlist. A video of the set went viral and even caught the attention of Brazilian talents Alok, Dubdogz and Bhaskar, who started to send her unreleased music for her sets.

Ale has been playing the piano and has taken vocal classes since an early age. She is now recording her vocals and working on her first single with Alex Seda, a house producer from Miami. It is still an introductory stage for Little Ale in producing on her own, but as in writing lyrics, make some harmony and making the beat, she seems a fast learner…

No doubt big things are coming up from Little Ale, who was recently signed to record label Bali Praia, but for now she stays carefully protected by her DJ father and singer mother: “Ale gets a lot of offers. But because of her age we have rejected quite a lot of gigs for her,” explains Fadi. “Apart from playing at a food festival once a month in Bali, she comes to do a live mix from the studio once a week, but on a regular basis she lives a normal child’s life, going to school Monday to Friday, with bedtime at 9 pm except on weekends, when she and her older sister get to be awake a little longer.”

Sure, a DJ booth is usually not exactly a place designed for children, but Ale only comes into the DJ booth when she plays and before she enters the room, her parents make sure that the volume is not to loud for her. They also always bring earplugs in case the main sound system would be too loud too.

“Wonderfruit is a music festival that is first of all, friendly for families,” concludes Fadi. “People are nice and very open-minded. It is Ale’s favorite festival at the moment. Wonderfruit always feels like home for Ale and her sister, because they can just run around and play without danger or harm. They create the best vibe!”

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