Wonderfruit : La Mamie’s delicious recipes

Wonderfruit : La Mamie’s delicious recipes


La Mamie’s delicious recipes

Christophe Chom’s

5 February 2017

A collective of djs and event organisers founded with the aim of promoting the spirit of “free and uninhibited partying”, La Mamie’s has symbolised the revival of the Parisian night for a decade with a recipe of their own: vinyl grooves and a large dose of a good ambience, all in places that are often alternative, both in Paris and in the suburbs. 

In a perpetual search for places where the passion for music is shared, they infused Wonderfruit with their communicative joie de vivre. Latitudes met them after a mind- blowing set.

Unifiers of a reinvigorated public, they made their debut in 2007 with the organisation of events in a disused house in Montrouge, before performing in bars and then clubs in Paris, including the cult Rex Club, and setting up the Macki Music Festival at Carrière-sur-Seine with their label mates of Cracki Records.

The members of La Mamie’s can now count many hundreds of performances, either solo or as a group, with regular trips in Europe or in Asia. Between La Mamie’s and Thailand, there is already a history and we saw them as a preview of Wonderfruit at the Whiteline’s Safe Room in Silom.

“It’s the third time we come here,” explains Vito, “the first time was with a Frenchman, Tristan Kino, a local promoter (Indeed Productions) who brought us to Glow, a little brazenly! There are some very good things in Thailand, DJs like Nakadia for example. At Wonderfruit we saw a very interesting set from Mendy Indigo. But we are closer to people like DJ Massai or Nat, from the Studio Lam crew”.

In another strong link with Asia, La Mamie’s co-organises a festival in Hong Kong: Shi Fu Miz. “In 2017, we did a unofficial edition, but we are organising an official one in 2018 with Fu Fu Records, a crew in Hong Kong that listens to the same music as we do. We immediately agreed on what we wanted to do”, says Antoine. “That’s how we ended up at Wonderfruit”, says Vito. “Via Fu Fu Records, Shi Fu Miz obtained the right to do a kind of takeover of a few slots, including an unexpected sunrise on the Solar Stage and part of the programming of the Forbidden Fruit stage. We brought DJs that we appreciate here like Boogie G, and because of our strong connection with Japan, Japanese DJs like Sisi from the Rainbow Disco Club. They are artists like us, a little versatile, who do not like to lock themselves into a style, people like Bettino, the Parisian record shop owner who you know well…”.

Based on a love of vinyl, La Mamie’s looks for quality and finds its rare pearls by rummaging through the record shops. Bettino’s record shop, a few steps away from the Bastille, is a landmark for them and it is via this connection that their very recent label Mamie’s Record just released a new EP from the mythical group Playin’ 4 The City, whose underground hero Olivier Portal, absent from the scene for ten years, accepted to entrust them with its production. For this release, a memorable launch brought them together at New Morning…

“In fact, it was done by Tristan, a young man who is a huge fan of P4TC. He had Olivier on the phone for over an hour and a half, trying to convince him to come out of his retirement and make his return at Djoon”, says Vito. “It was three years ago”, continues Antoine, “when we saw that Tristan had gotten in contact with Playin’, something we never dared to do, we spoke first with him and then with Bettino. Then after several projects together, Olivier entrusted us with the production of a record on our label, our second release since an EP of electronic jazz from the group Kodäma, in December 2016. It’s not much for now, but we have many more releases planned in 2018”.

A year that promises to be busy for the collective, with a second edition of the Shi Fu Miz Festival in May at Lantau (Hong Kong), the fth edition of the Macki Festival in Paris at the end of June, events at the “Happy Farm” (La Ferme du Bonheur) in Nanterre and many surprises…


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