10 Singaporean Artists in Siem Reap

10 Singaporean Artists in Siem Reap


10 Singaporean Artists

in Siem Reap


5 February 2017

In Singapore, they are known as the Clementi Group. Famous painters, calligraphers or sculptors, they have been gathering for decades at Clementi Coffee Shop, near the eponymous city park. 

Invited by Templation Angkor Hotel upon the occasion of Hugs in Siem Reap, an exhibition-fundraiser for Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospitals, ten of them have spontaneously expressed the feel of the place on paper and canvas.

Artwork by Low Puay Hua, Goh Beng Kwan, Lee See Sin, Victor Ang, Mark Luo, Chew Swee Fah, Ng Peng Sing, Loh Yuen Leang, Lam Chai Fai, Chai Teed Khiong at Templation, Rok Rak Street, Siem Reap.


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