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BCIS : Science & conscience


Science & conscience

Catherine Vanesse

8 January 2017

Modern, efficient and organized: students get hands-on experience with science at the BCIS Phuket science laboratory.

The science laboratory at BCIS Phuket provides a conducive environment for students to get hands-on experience by conducting experiments under the supervision of their teachers. M. Matthieu Milleret, professor in charge of the French science curriculum, provided staff members and guests with a guided tour of the laboratory.

School founder Laurent Minguely firmly believes in equipping students with the best tools to enable them to navigate through the field of experimental sciences. The school aims to trigger a taste for research, enabling students to expand the horizons of their scientific knowledge and hone their problem-solving skills. Particular emphasis is placed on observation, mastery of working with laboratory instruments, and exploitation of results, with the goal of helping them build the skills they need to excel in a rapidly evolving global society.

Still in its first phase, the current student body at BCIS totals 237 (from kindergarten to high school), including the French and English programs. Class size is capped at 20, ensuring that students enjoy the benefits of camaraderie as well as personalized attention from teachers. The lab can be used for research and experiments in chemistry, physics and biology. At the beginning of the 2018 school year, it will have differentiated units for each discipline. Located on an area of more than 2 hectares, the second phase will be launched in September 2018.

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