Yachting : RendezVous in Phuket

Yachting : RendezVous in Phuket


RendezVous in Phuket

Capitaine Chester

2 January 2017

With an expected turnout of 10,000 visitors, the Phuket RendezVous held at the Royal Phuket Marina, where it replaces the late PIMEX, will attract local boating and watersports enthusiasts, high-level investors, property investors, watch collectors and luxury aficionados from Asia and Europe as well as Bangkok and Phuket. 

The Phuket RendezVous will be divided into four main sections: the exhibition itself, the seminar programme, the activities and the social events. Distinguished speakers from around the world will present workshops and seminars, while participants who want to get a closer look at today’s leading marine and luxury products can browse through the marina and exhibition areas where they will find more than 100 displays.

The show will start the New Year in style, with a smorgasbord of side events, workshops and activities planned. Royal Phuket Marina’s Town Square will be transformed into a dynamic and exciting hub with exotic cars on display, daily fashion shows and a variety of gourmet cuisine pop-ups. On the boardwalk, visitors and exhibitors can relax and take in the atmosphere in an English-themed Garden Party, decorated with sculptures and a wide variety of beers, wines and delectable nibbles on offer.

Highlighting its ambition as becoming Asia’s leading marine exhibition, the Phuket RendezVous attracts the region’s leading brokers and global boat manufacturers, with the biggest names in both the marine and luxury lifestyle industries.

Lee Marine and South East Asia Yacht Sales & Services are for instance bringing with them some of the most prestigious and renowned boat manufacturers in the world, including Ferretti, Riviera and HanseYachts. The inaugural event will boast three Asian premieres, including the spacious Ferretti Yachts 850, whilst Boat Lagoon Yachting will debut two of the latest models from British yacht manufacturer, Princess Yachts.

An excellent example of the show’s numerous official partners is the internationally famous Thai silk manufacturer Jim Thompson, who will present their wares in the Jim Thompson VIP Hospitality Lounge, located in the exhibition hall, whilst in the marina, a selection of yachts will also be furnished by the brand, allowing visitors and invited guests the chance to see their fabrics and products in situ.

A specially constructed Media Pavilion will house the media partners like Latitudes and the Phuket News. The media will display their wares, meet visitors and operate within their area for the duration of the event. The perfect place to exchange on challenges, solutions and perspectives in the yachting industry. For instance, the coming of the new Millenials generation in the field might change the game a notch, as Andy Dowden, The Phuket RendezVous Event Advisor explained to Latitudes:
“The yachting industry as we know it today is pretty much the making of the ‘baby boomers’ – a generation born just after the World War II. This is the generation that helped grow the pastime of leisure boating that basically kept the boatbuilding industry afloat.

However, its best years are rapidly coming to an end and a whole new generation is coming into focus–the ‘millennials’. This is one of the largest generations in history and it is now moving into its prime spending years. Millennials are poised to reshape the world’s economy; their unique experiences will change the ways we buy and sell, entertain and create, forcing companies to examine how they do business for decades to come. The market is changing and the change is seismic. This poses some serious challenges to the yachting and luxury lifestyle industries. Until now, their buyers have been made up predominantly of baby boomers who are now becoming less active, with age as the major factor. While some manufacturers and distributors are steadily becoming aware of the demographic shift, many are at a loss as to how they embrace the latest developments in technology, branding, market forecasting and revenue building.

These developments can foretell emerging demands for the luxury leisure boating community and technologies that could serve the marine industry as a whole. And next January at the Phuket RendezVous, manufacturers of marine equipment will discover new innovations and solutions that will help them enhance their productivity and effectiveness so that they are prepared for any opportunity that will come their ways.”


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