Glamping Ecolodge, Into the Wild

Glamping Ecolodge, Into the Wild


Glamping Ecolodge, Into the Wild

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24 December 2017

Pioneer in environment-awareness, first luxury floating tent resort in Asia, 4 Rivers Lodge on the Tatai River (Koh Kong Province) has just joined forces with two local biodiversity preservation projects to help travelers discover the wildlife of Cambodia in a sustainable and enriching way.

If you dream of watching rare shorebird species, or catching a glimpse on the fascinating Cambodian wildcat, head to this glamping paradise close to the Thai border.
Off Koh Kapik Island, a short boat ride from the lodge, photographer and conservationist Senglim Suy will guide you to get a closer look at Spoon-billed sandpipers, Nordmann’s greenshanks, Asian dowitchers or Great knots, gorgeous birds that his organization, Birds of Cambodia Education & Conservation (BCEC), help to study and preserve. Born by the Tonle River, Senglim remembers long gone days when he could admire flocks of water birds, parakeets or nightjars from the family house. Back to the lodge, he will share his impressive photo-collection.

Another expedition from 4Rivers Lodge is devoted to the Kla Trey (“Fish Tiger”, in Khmer), medium-sized felines living in wetland habitats and unfortunately approaching extinction. Kayaking on the serene waterways of Peam Krasop Sanctuary, you will follow Spanish conservation zoologist and former EU conservation specialist Vanessa Herranz Muñoz on the paths of the rare nocturnal wildcat. This way, you will contribute to the study program Vanessa leads in the area since 2015 on behalf of the Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (CBC). Here, responsible tourism is not just words.

4Rivers Floating Lodge is now offering specially discounted rates to Latitudes readers. To access the dedicated booking webpage, just scan the QR code here with your smartphone.

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