Great Catch at Mustache

Great Catch at Mustache


Great Catch at Mustache

Latitudes Team

14 December 2017

Former manager at mythical Q-Bar, long-time mover in the bangkokian nightlife and reknown event organizer, Belgian Olivier Alexandre created Mustache in February 2015. Trendy afterhours at the start,the place has become a reference for house and techno music lovers.

How do you see 2018 for Mustache ?
With a year full of developments and new projects, we’ve begun to organize external events. The first one, at Sing Sing Theater, made me want to open and organize bigger events, or even a festival!

You stand for quality music, what drives your choice for an artist to play?
I’ve brought in hundreds of local and international DJs, but we eventually decided to focus on local DJs such as Neverest, Soi Dogs, Flux, Blast, or No Sleep Crew, who understand the Mustache audience. In the end, Mustache is a place where house & techno music lovers can
meet up every weekend.

What are the worst difficulties you encountered in the management of such a place in Bangkok ?
Closing hours! In the beginning, Mustache would close very late, at 6 a.m. After the king’s passing, soldiers cracked down and even permanently closed many after-clubs. So, we decided to close earlier and change our image somewhat. Now, we even offer the possibility of dining on the rooftop with our new pizzeria called “Lapizza,” which opened 1 month ago. It’s really cool having this place where you can grab a bite and I chat with clients I met only at night before. Now, I can have much more interesting conversations with them before beginning the evening’s festivities.

If you could book anybody, dead or alive, who would you choose for the Line-up of your dreams?
Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills and many others I’d love to book one day at my new open-air festivals projects.

Which festival do you plan to attend?
I’m counting on getting a good dose of techno at Wonderfruit with Richie Hawtin! I love this kind of open-air festival – it makes me think of happy times in my youth in Belgium.

Best memory of a gig at Mustache?
Nakadia was one of my favorites. She’s full of energy, the music was really
high-level and there was a crazy atmosphere on the dancefloor. But I had lots of good sets of local DJs with an atmosphere that was just as nice. You always party at Mustache – it’s a magical place you can find nowhere else.

When not at Mustache, where do you go to listen to good music in Bangkok?
I’m at Mustache every weekend, so I rarely go to any other clubs. But if I get the opportunity, I’d prefer to get away to events like Kolour, in an unknown location in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, what is music for you?
Music is the expression of your soul, your culture and your people. It is the cry or the sound that comes from within, from any country, from any color, making us dance and even lifting our mood. For me, music is like water – I need it to survive.

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