Don’t miss these 2 exhibitions at Yenakart Villa

Don’t miss these 2 exhibitions at Yenakart Villa


Don’t miss these 2 exhibitions

at Yenakart Villa 

Latitudes Team

26 October 2017

The contemporary art gallery YenakArt Villa is situated in the heart of Sathorn will host two exhibitions till the end of the year “Writescape” and “Illusions of Liberty”.


This black and white drawing exhibition, in which the theme of memory and introspection is paramount, is coinciding with the cremation ceremonies of HM King Rama IX. It pays tribute to the memory of Sovereign Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The three artists involved in this Ink team project, Hélène Le Chatelier, Kwanchai Lichaikul and Uten Mahamid met during their artists’ residency at Thaillywood, in Chonburi Thailand, in 2016, which led to this trio exhibition of black ink on white paper drawings.

As human beings, how do we manage to write our own story on top of the family or collective histories we carry? How do we make ourselves heard among other voices? How can we express ourselves without twisting and distorting our inner landscapes?

The three artists, from Thailand and France, found synergies through their common ascetic artistic expression and their preferred tool to make light emerge: the black ink drawing and painting. Through five different series exhibited in the immaculate white space of YenakArt Villa, they invent a new personal expression, not combining but going beyond writing and landscape drawings, escaping the opposition: Writescape.

Like French philosopher Jacques Derrida did with archi-writing or architrace, the three artists transcend the Platonic confrontation between writing and speech.

7 October -15 November 2017

Jirapat is Back

After more than three years with no personal exhibition in Bangkok, Jirapat Tatsanasamboon, one of the best-known Thai artists outside the Kingdom, is coming back this time to the YenakArt Villa gallery with “Illusions of Liberty”: 22 never-before-seen acrylic paintings on canvas, from November 22 through December 31, 2017.

Originally from the capital city, having graduated from two of Thailand’s best art schools, Jirapat chose to settle in Chiang Mai to devote himself fully to creation. After having exhibited in more than a dozen countries (in Europe, the United States and Latin America, in addition to, of course, Asia in Singapore, Malaysia and Korea), he was listed in 2014 by the London-based art-book publisher Hudson & Thames as one of “100 painters of tomorrow”.

The artist’s style is easily recognizable since he combines the icons of western pop culture with traditional Thai figures from Ramakien. Having long denounced the dangers of the steamroller of globalization on Thai culture, his quest for freedom is now part of a more personal, and perhaps more universal, register, dealing with general themes that are common to all of mankind, such as abuse of power or the relationship between classes.

One of the key pieces of the exhibit will be a large 5 x 5 meter panel presenting 9 huge portraits of Ramayana characters, reminiscent of the ca- mou age self-portraits by the master of pop art, Andy Warhol.

30 November – 31 December 2017

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