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Home sweet Mahabhirom

Nalinee Nune Brepson

4 July 2017

In april, the magazine Condé Nast Traveller US, specializing in luxury travel, published a list of the 75 best new hotels in the world. Twelve of them are located in Asia, and the only Thai entry on the list is in Chiang Mai, called Villa Mahabhirom.

The name means “great pleasure”, because in Thai, “maha” means “great” and “bhirom” translates to “pleasure”.

This mega-project, which is still very personal and intimate, was the result of a shared passion between three Thai friends who collected traditional homes: Nu, Pong and Sing, all lovers of traveling, antiques and art.

The three partners took seven years to complete their dream project, beginning by contributing 24 traditional units from their private collections from central Thailand (Uthai Thani, Supanburi and others). This was no easy task because the “youngest” of these houses is 100 years old! The 24 ancient homes rst had to be dismantled into small parts, something like a Lego puzzle since traditional dwellings were built using no nails.

In order to best showcase these old houses, whose cultural value is inestimable for future generations, the three owners also shared their superb collections of antiques, including several true works of art, which visitors and guests can admire leisurely during their stay at the property.


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